Pink Punch Collective is comprised of six dynamic illustrators, spanning the globe. Two reside in New York, Allyn Howard is in Brooklyn and Anaïs Lee lives in Queens. In Europe, Sandrine Monnier lives in Paris and Liv Wan is in Edinburgh. On the other side of the world, Sarah Allen lives in Melbourne, Australia and Lisa Baudry lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

We’ve joined forces to encourage each other in our creative endeavors, professional goals and to gain more exposure for our work. Allyn and Anaïs met at a lunch, several years ago, celebrating children’s book illustration. The rest of us became aware of each other through Lilla Rogers’ online art licensing courses, Make Art That Sells. We had also been admiring each other’s work from afar on Instagram and Pinterest. Sarah introduced us to Lisa's wonderful work and our collective was complete. It's been a real pleasure getting to know each other as we set up our group, the most complicated aspect has been staying on top of the time zone differences!

Our name came about after tossing around countless ideas. We all agreed on Pink, not only for it’s beautiful shades, but for what it’s come to represent in recent months, "Girl Power"! While deliberating concepts, Anais said she needed to take Punchy, her adorable dog, out for a walk. That was it!  Pink Punch won the vote.

Pursuing a range of projects and products, in a variety of markets, we are hardworking and accommodating professionals. Visit our individual pages to learn more about each one of us and see our unique specialities. Keep in mind, we are a collective and not an agency, to get in touch with a particular artist, contact her directly. For general questions, please feel free to contact the group on our contact page.

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