Meet Liv



Liv Wan


Hi Liv, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Here goes!

What's your favorite shade of pink? 

My favourite kind of pink is peach pink, salmon pink. Something quite light and soft. 

What is your favorite drink? 

Peach Fanta, coffee and coconut water. 

What’s your go-to medium? 

I love using Adobe Illustrator to complete my illustrations. So computer, software and graphic tablet are my definite go-to mediums. But when I start drawing and painting I use water colour and acrylic. I’ve always loved use colour pencils when I work on my sketches if I have time. 

What medium is new to you and what would you like to try? 

I would love to try gelly roll pen and water based marker in the future. I saw some videos demonstrating how to use them on Sakura’s Youtube channel. I was really impressed with the outcome.

What do you listen to while you paint or draw? 

I like listen to Spotify’s “Peaceful Piano” playlist when I draw. It helps me to think and remain calm. 

Where do you live? 

I live in Edinburgh, UK. It’s in Scotland so we have lots pipers, kilts and whisky. 

Where have you lived? 

Taiwan, Shanghai, Birmingham (England), Edinburgh (Scotland)

How do you stay inspired? 

I think my life experiences have offered me a lot of inspiration. I love to travel and I used to travel a lot. These happy memories offer me lots of inspiration. 

Besides illustration, what other creative activities do you do? 

I cook a lot and I have a food blog which I use to document my cooking processes and recipes. It involves a lot of food styling which I really like. But in the future when I have more time I would love to learn pottery and sewing. 

What’s your typical working day like? 

I start work as soon as my husband and daughter leave home. I like to have lunch and take a break by checking my plants in my tiny little garden. Then I will go back to work until 4-5 clock and cook dinner. After my daughter goes to bed I will keep working until midnight. This is a very typical working day of my life. I always use morning time to sketch and come up with ideas for my illustrations because I’m full of energy in the morning. 

What other jobs have you had? 

I was a professional chef for many years. I was working in fine dining restaurants in England and Scotland. I’m also teaching a Chinese cooking and food illustration class. I’ve published 2 cookbooks and 1 illustrated recipe book, internationally, in past 3 years and I’m about to start work on a picture book.

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What’s your creative process like? 

I like to use pencil and paper to sketch out my ideas and maybe refine my sketch again. After the sketch is approved I will then take a photo of the sketch and complete the illustration in Adobe illustrator and do a final edit in Photoshop. Sometimes, if I illustrate something a bit complicated I will use colour pencil to colour my sketch. 

Why do you like being an illustrator? 

I love drawing, designing and creating beautiful things. I love the process which feels good! If I can make money from doing things I love then that’s perfect! I think this is why I love working as an illustrator. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

Apart from my wife/mother duties. I love gardening. I recently started working on my front and back gardens. I started saving the seeds from the vegetables and fruit we eat and regrow them, because I always wanted to have a self-sufficient garden. I like to create things, so this is also fun for me. 

What’s your favorite movie or TV show? 

I like a lot of movies. Especially those that encourage me in my life and career. I like Joy and Erin Brockovich because the main characters are like me, a mother with young kid/kids but they managed to have a successful career. So when I feel lost and down with my career I will rewatch those movies to remind myself I need to stand up and fight. 

My favourite TV shows at moment are Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why. I’m a big fan of Netflix. 

What movie have you seen several times? 

Joy, Erin Brockovich, Shawshank Redemption, The Help 

What book are you reading right now? 

I’m not reading any books for adults at the moment, simply because I'm too busy with work and family. But I read a lot of children’s picture books. I’m reading The Everywhere Bear and Little Hedgehog’s Big Day

What do you collect or hoard? 

I used to collect chef equipment, including different kinds of knives and I like to collect beautiful plates, bowls and tea towels for food styling and photography. 

What’s your favorite city? 

Can I change this question to country? I love Thailand. I visited Thailand a few years ago and I instantly fell in love with that country. 

With whom would you like to have a coffee? 

Right now: My husband because he is my best friend, my business partner and my chubby muse. 

In the future: I would love to have a coffee with my art collective colleagues one day. 

What is your next big goal? 

I would love to get into the art licensing business, publish my first children’s book and have steady income growth with my product business.